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Frenchic Press Day


Frenchic Press Day

T Abrahams Global Empire CEO & Founder, Tosin Abrahams attended the Frenchic Press Showcase with her Personal Assistant Emma Lo, and Tosin reports to us that the event was absolutely awesome. Highlights of the event where centred around the sincerity that was witnessed about the product. Tosin said that as soon as she walked into the room she did not smell one bit of paint at all! Tosin spent time speaking with the Founder of  Frenchic called Pamela Gruhn, and Pam informed Tosin that the paint is not alcohol based hence there is not a strong scent to the paint. This was a special highlight, because it was very evident that the paint is user and environmentally friendly. Pam was passionate about the user-friendly and environmentally friendly product that she had created, additionally it was easy to see and feel that she is dedicated to maintaining a high standard for the product. Tosin was pleased because it is not very often that what is said about a product is 100% accurate.

CEO- Tosin Abrahams with her Personal Assistant Emma Lo

What Tosin loved the most was the fact that this product and everything behind the creation of the product is GENUINE. For this reason Tosin states”

“We need more business leaders that are 100% genuine about the products they create. Pam has invested a lot of time into her product for the sake of her customers, as well as investing quality time into Frenchic distributors around the world (which I had met a few of) One of the distributers boasted about how much QUALITY time Pam has invested in to her and her business. She even informed me of the positive influence that Pam has had on her business and told me about an award that she had won in Dubai previously because of the Frenchic Paint Product.


Tosin CEO, talking with founder of Frenetic Pamela Gruhn


Craig Philips, Big Brother’s (reality TV show) first ever winner was announced as Frenhic’s new ambassador. His energy was awesome and his approach to home improvement is motivated by “changing lives” as he assuringly expressed.

As he spoke he lit up the room… His sincere statement was a gentle reminder that when you do business with a people focussed motivation and pure intention,  that is when business becomes effective.

He demonstrated that he retains a very personal approach when dealing with customers as he spoke about some of the thousands of customers he had worked with previously, stating that he has worked on 12,000 make-over shows in the UK and other places around the world, as far as Kosovo, Germany, Cyprus, and more doing makeovers in people’s houses and changing their lives.

The press team at T abrahams Global Empire believe that Pam and Craig will have a great partnership. as they say, ” great minds this alike”‘, and it is clear that they share a “people centred” attitude, which will have a positive influence on their approach within their market segmentation…. This is awesome!

CEO Tosin Abrahams pictured Frenchic distributer Solly Jo Lewis and Craig Phillips – (first ever Big Brother TV Show winner) and his wife Laura




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