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T Abrahams Global Talent Governance

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T Abrahams Global Talent Governance

We are recruiting talent all over the world. 

T Abrahams Global Empire Talent Agency is part of the T Abrahams Global Empire Entertainment Division …T  Abrahams has created a place where talent is governed with passion and reality. This special department is at the heart of the T Abrahams Global Empire, because it focusses on pioneering talented individuals and enabling them to turn their dreams into reality…There are many opportunities to get involved.

T Abrahams

Visit our website to find out about signing up to our agency from 06 October 2017 (just a few days away) and find out about upcoming events and castings…

Sign-up from 06 October 2017

There is more…

T Abrahams Global Academy Grand Opening -Red Carpet Event 2018

T Abrahams Global Empire Team cordially invite you to the T Abrahams Global Academy Grand Opening Production taking place on 11 September 2018… It will be an exquisite red carpet affair…Come and gain innovative insight to the world of Business in a very unique way…Tickets will be on sale in the new year.

We will be having special guests to join us on the extravagant evening and some of them will be sharing real life testimonies, so be prepared to be inspired.

More information on the prestigious red carpet event will be available shortly…Continue to check this page for updates, ticket information will also be found here…. STAY CONNECTED.

Contact our office for more information: 0845 299 3973.

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