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One of our favourite clients "Sweet Mary Cuisine Launches"

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Sweet Mary Cuisine Launches 2018

T Abrahams Global Empire is proud of our extremely talented and experienced client and an amazing Caterer, Mary Tagoe.  Mary is the Founder of Sweet Mary Cuisine, based in London, but operating all around the world. Mary is a wife and mother of two children. Her passion for Cooking and detail to exotic food drew the attention of T Abrahams Global Empire Business Consultants.

(Pictured- On set) Tosin Abrahams- CEO T Abrahams Global Empire (Right) and Mary Tagoe (Left) behind the scenes at Sweet Mary’s debut lunching.

Mary now known as “Sweet Mary” will feature in the next issue of the T Abrahams Global Empire Mgazine for an exclusive interview with Tosin Abrahams. Mary will be sharing her journey to success and the highlights of starting her own Business. She will share the passion, the fear she overcame, and also a few tips on taking the courage to START!

“T Abrahams is AMAZING, the Company know what they are doing”…

“The fear of starting a Business and not knowing where to start was challenging, but T Abrahams Put my mind at ease” (Mary Tagoe-Founder Sweet Mary Cuisine Ltd)

Those are just a few words from our pre-interview with “Sweet Mary”

T Abrahams was fully aware that Mary has an exceptional talent with food and people…We are so delighted to have been apart of the process from the start, and assist her with starting her business from scratch. T Abrahams just pushed the right buttons to stir up what was already within Mary. Her Launch event is going to be awesome and we will be sharing information about the prestigious Grand Opening event with you shortly. Be sure to purchase your tickets to experience a “Sweet taste of HEAVEN”, which is so uniquely brought to you by Sweet Mary. Her website details will be available in the official interview in January 2019. Look out for it!

Check out Mary’s  Experience clip

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