The House of Smiles – Which House and which party are the happiest

Which House and which party are the happiest

  • Tonka Communications does the government smile test
  • More than 80% of all MPs and Lords smile
  • Labour smiles more than the Conservatives
  • 100% of UKIP cannot find their smiles

London/Berlin, 5 May 2018 – It is World Laughter Day this Sunday, 6 May 2018, which is why Tonka Communications ( has made it its mission to establish whether the government sets a good example for a happy Britain. The analysis is based on the official photographs of all members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Most of them show off some kind of a smile, some a little more natural than others. In total, 84% smile into the camera.

Labour beats Tories in the House of Commons
Labour smiles in line with the overall average (84%), and a little more than half of all Labour MPs (roughly 55%) smile straight from the heart, with teeth showing. A quarter smile less enthusiastically but a smile is a smile.

Among the Conservatives, the mood appears to be a little different: half of the Tory MPs smile with their teeth showing, just under a third smile without teeth, and one in five look a little grim into the camera.

Crossbenchers find it a little harder to look happy but 70% of them still smile and 30% show their teeth when smiling.

House of Commons looks a lot more chirpy than the House of Lords
It certainly is not all smiles in the House of Lords, with nearly 28% of the Lords not showing any smile at all in their official photographs. Only 38% smile with their teeth and 33% without.

In the House of Commons the picture is rather different: more than 90% of all MPs look quite happy into the camera and 65% show their teeth.

Women have more to smile about
Female MPs smile a lot more often than their male counterparts. Of the women, 92% feature a smile (more than two thirds of the women have their teeth showing in their profile pictures). Among the men, only 43% went for the full smile, and nearly a quarter do not smile in their profile pictures.

Sinn Féin and UKIP at opposite ends of the spectrum
All six Sinn Féin MPs show off their best smiles in their photographs, as do the two Ulster Unionists. UKIP manages 100% no smiles.

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